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The SME BELGIAN! Business Club has a constantly growing, mobile and flexible team of market professionals. The key network communicators on markets are belgian of our corporation based in Slovakia.

Belgian companies, particularly SME's, looking to do business in Slovakia are always on the look-out for market information, local knowledge and partners on the ground who can help them overcome some of the initial difficulties in getting their business off the ground.

The growing membership of the SME BELGIAN! Business Club in Slovakia is largely made up of private entrepreneurs and senior business people who have been working in Slovakia for a considerable time. Some of these members may well be able and willing to provide the right kind of service and/or information you are looking for.

Chek on the area of advices you need and you will see lists of our participating members.

Accountants/Auditors & Tax Advisers ▪ Business Consultants ▪ Recruiting Process ▪ Lawyers & law firms ▪ Certified translators ▪ Public Relations Advisers ▪ Location and Property Advisers ▪ Parcel & Infrastructure ▪ Transportation & Logistics ▪ Marketing & Communication Agencies ▪ Media & Advertising Agencies ▪ Media Planning.

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