Some History

When the Belgian Government announced officially its intention to close the doors of the Belgian Embassy in Bratislava in 2015, I supposed that all representative structures linked under the "Belgian Foreign Trade Agency" would also have a limited presence on the Slovakian ground in the near future.

The impression was confirmed during 2016 when AWEX, WBI and FIT offices disappeared from Slovakia.

Considering this, Belgium and Belgian nationals found themselves without any official representation on Slovakian ground. No more attendance and no more representative support for a market interested in expansion which could be targeted for Belgian companies interested in developing their activities in Central Europe.

Living in Slovakia for many years, Cédric Bouillon took responsibility for this lack of representation with his own ideas and vision: providing advices and supports the companies keeping regards on Slovakia & supporting the branding of Belgian products on the Slovakian market with a strong determination and positive focus.

After spending many months in meetings and analysing the feasibility of such a project, the development of a Belgian Business Club in Slovakia became a reality in 2016.

Launched officially, the SME BELGIAN! Business Club in Slovakia is now well-known and recognised by established Belgian representatives as a means to support Belgian business activities despite the fact it was firstly a personal initiative to help the Belgian business community.

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